My Focusing Strategies as of April 2018

These cormorants in the trees at the fabulous Circle B Bar Reserve near Lakeland, FL are focused by using a magnified live view image of the birds in the trees, and manually focusing on them. I shot with live view still active to eliminate mirror vibrations and shutter vibrations. This technique is the best way I know to shoot a sharp image of this scene. Gerlach’s Focusing Tactics as of March 2018 Since I shoot more than 200,000 images each year, and constantly strive to figure out the best way to capture the images I seek, my photo strategies continually evolve. Focusing has evolved for me tremendously over the past 1.5 years. Here is where I am now with my focusing. Keep in mind my g

Circle B Bar Reserve for Fabulous Bird Photography

Circle B Bar Reserve It was exciting to see and photograph a limpkin for the first time at the reserve. They are quite common here, so you are likely to get to photograph them. This former cattle ranch has been restored to wetlands and the birds have responded by frequenting it in large numbers. Limpkin, great-blue heron, great egret, snowy egret, black-crowned night heron, roseate spoonbill, anhinga, double-crested cormorant, and common moorhen along with numerous other species call this reserve their home. Of special interest to me is the limpkin because I have never seen one before. They are downright common at the reserve. The reserve offers a few miles of hiking trails that border s

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