Shoot Sharp Wildlife Photos

Wildlife photography presents many challenges. How do you approach wildlife closely, make pleasing compositions, determine the ideal exposure, and make sharp images? In this article, let’s cover the techniques for making super-sharp wildlife images. While there is a lot to it, once you adopt quality shooting techniques and apply them consistently, making super-sharp images becomes the rule, not the exception. I demand high-quality images and hope you do too. I don’t cut any corners and continually seek techniques that deliver quality. Here are some techniques I do to achieve the quality I seek. Using a tripod not only let me shoot a sharp image, but it let me get the pose. I tracked th

Bird Photography in Floating Blinds

Here is a new update posted on July 17, 2019. I have been using two Mr JanGear floating blinds lately. I like both version 1 and the much different version 2. Of the two, I prefer Version 2. Instead of one floatation tube full of air in version 1, the new version 2 has two floatation tubes that are blown up with a air pump separately. I feel having two tubes is safer. If one should suddenly deflate, you still have the other. Version 2 comes with nice support poles for the blind covering that are quite solid. However, I tend to not use the support poles and prefer to let the camo covering rest on me to reduce the blind area above the water. Whether blind support poles or not, I find

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