The Best Game Parks of Kenya

   With John Gerlach and Dixie Calderone

January, 2021  Final dates coming soon

Kenya Photo Safari

Kenya Photo Safari 2021 brochure available soon

 Note: We have guided more than forty previous photo safaris to East Africa. Kenya offers the world's best wildlife photo opportunities. It is a fabulous tour with spectacular wildlife, excellent accommodations, the best safari vehicles and driver-guides, and super tour leaders. We hope you'll join us!  Our instructional book, Digital Wildlife Photography, showcases many of our Kenya images and explains the photo techniques that will make your safari a huge success!

A Special Safari for Photographers

What to Expect

An itinerary designed for Photographers

We leave the camps before sunrise to photograph during the sweet light of early mornings and we use late afternoon light for the same reason because the light is best and the wildlife activity is superb. Expect long days in the field shooting thousands of excellent images. Our superb driver-guides are sensitive to the needs of photographic groups and especially ours because we have used the same hand-picked guides for dozens of safaris. There will be time out of the vehicles, and fabulous photographic opportunities await you.


Land Transportation

Travel will be by Land Rover, equipped with roof hatches for game viewing. For the main expedition and the Mara extension, we put a maximum of only three persons in a vehicle.  This guarantees you plenty of space for your equipment and everyone has their own roof hatch, something essential for photographers. John and Dixie will take turns riding in each vehicle on a rotating basis to share photo and natural history information. The safari vehicles that we use are long wheel base four-wheel-drive Land Rovers.


Accommodations and Food

You will stay in deluxe-tented camps, lodges and hotels. We much prefer tented camps wherever possible, as they offer the convenience of a lodge, but give you the feel of camping. Your tent is canvas, but has a thatched roof, a concrete floor with rugs and has electricity. The beds are very comfortable. Each tent has private facilities with cold and hot running water and flush toilets.  The tented camps are far better than you expect!


Guides and Staff

In addition to John Gerlach and Dixie Calderone on the main expedition and the Mara extension, you will be accompanied by professional driver-guides (all hand-picked by John and Dixie), who know the best locations for wildlife and have experience with serious photographers. Tented camps and lodges have their own permanent staffs.


Fitness and Health

The safari is not strenuous.  Anyone who is reasonably fit and in good health should be able to participate. You will, however, have long international flights and will be spending many hours in a vehicle on game drives. Land travel will sometimes be over very bumpy and dusty roads. The maximum altitude you will reach on this safari is about 7,000 feet above sea level at Lake Nakuru. If you have any questions about your ability to participate in this trip, please contact International Expeditions, Inc. for more information.


Pre-Departure Preparation

Extensive background readings and travel information will be sent to you upon your enrollment in this program.

International Expeditions, Inc.

Kenya Photo Safari

John Gerlach and  Dixie Calderone

A Special 15 – Day Safari for Photographers




A deposit of $850 plus $200 for the extension, per person is required.  Deposits can be made by check or credit card. If by check, please make payable to International Expeditions. Complete the enclosed reservation certificate and mail to:



One Environs Park

Helena, Alabama 35080

Phone: 800-633-4734 or Fax: 205-428-1714



Kenya Photo Safari brochure available soon

How to Enroll

Please fill out the form in the workshop brochure to contact our tour packager, International Expeditions / One Environs Park/Helena, AL 35080. Call Sherry Boyd at (800) 633-4734  or fax (205) 428-1714. Our contact at IE is Sherry Boyd. You can reach her at 
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