200 pages - 181 color images

This book explains the approach and "shooting workflow" we use to easily capture quality images - shot after shot - of the wonderful landscapes around us. The "shooting workflow" we and our gifted field workshop students developed together consistently yields superb images. It is fast, easy, and precise. In our field workshops, we regularly turn beginning photographers, who just bought their first digital DSLR, into solid landscape photographers in less than 48 hours. They easily master focusing, exposure, and shooting sharp images. Naturally, the creative side of photography and developing the "shooting eye" takes longer to develop.

Key tactics we cover in this book include back-button focusing, RGB histogram metering, the enormous advantages of manual metering, fill-flash, balanced flash, mirror lockup, techniques for sharp images, the power of live view, the awesome capability of HDR, panoramas, using lenses well, controlling your camera with custom functions, perspective choices, tilt and shift lenses, and so much more. Our book is overflowing with leading edge information. This book will help you capture stunning images of the landscape easily and efficiently!

Digital Landscape Photography

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