Winter Yellowstone Photo Tour

With John Gerlach and Dixie Calderone

Jan 17 - 23, 2021

Jan 24 - 30, 2021

Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2021

Yellowstone National Park

I have been a guide in Yellowstone National Park since 1993 leading photo tours for Yellowstone  Tour and Travel. We enjoy being guides in Yellowstone while sharing our knowledge about the park with our guests.  John and Dixie live only twenty minutes from the West Gate to Yellowstone National Park, so we know the park intimately and John has led more than 100 week-long photo tours in the park during winter.  Nobody has more enthusiasm for Yellowstone or experience in leading photo tours in the park than we do! 


By spending many winter months over the years guiding winter-loving photographers, we know the very best places to make exquisite winter images of Yellowstone National Park. Please join one of our intensive photographic tours of the park for five full days of photography by snowcoach during this special time of the year.

 If you would like detailed information about these photo tours or wish to enroll now, please contact Yellowstone Tour and Travel directly.

Yellowstone in Winter by Snowcoach

Yellowstone Tour and Travel

Tracie Frontin

PO Box 410

West Yellowstone, MT 59758

Ph (800) 221-1151


Every day in Yellowstone National Park is a rewarding day. We spend as much daylight time in the park as possible. With our experience and enthusiasm for the wonders of Yellowstone, we are confident you will enjoy photographing the amazing landscapes and wildlife of Yellowstone country. Please join one of our snowcoach photo groups.


In all tours, we'll guide you to the most wildlife and spectacular landscapes that Yellowstone has to offer. We seldom take any of our own images (as it should be) while leading a tour. Instead, we spend our time together helping you shoot terrific images. We'll guide you to wonderful subjects, suggest compositions, solve metering problems, help you with focus stacking to achieve super sharpness in the landscape, show you how to use flash to best advantage, suggest filters to use, demonstrate how to get the finest quality from your equipment, and do everything possible to make sure you go home with numerous spectacular images of Yellowstone National Park. You can expect long and rewarding days in the park with us. We look forward to sharing with you the special charm of Yellowstone National Park.

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