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   I have enjoyed photographing hummingbirds over two decades with multiple Speedlites. In order to simultaneously control three or more Speedlites, I have used a variety of methods that include:

   • Photoelectric slaves attached to the Speedlites

   • PC cords and three-way PC Flash Connectors

   • The camera’s pop-up flash set to the Master mode

   • Canon ST-E2 optical controller

   • Another Speedlite in the camera’s hot shoe set to Master

   • The ST-E3-RT Canon radio flash controller

Click on the link to view a PDF of the full article.

Matrix metering is a useful choice for photographing the bull elk in Jasper National Park.  Everything is close to middle-tonality or just a little brighter - light tan fur and grass - so perhaps a little + EV is needed to expose to the right.

The Ultimate Flash Set-up for Hummingbirds

By John Gerlach

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