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Participant Testimonials


I have been on many photo trips with 7 other pros, and the workshop that I experienced with you in the UP were the best. The main reason is that you never brought your own camera in the field. Your were 100 % interested in helping your students. This is the major and most important difference.


I have referred many photographers to your web site when they ask my opinion.


Thank you,



Hello John,


This is Sonny from LA California who joined your Yellowstone photo tour.  I just wanted to write to you and thank you for all that you did for me while I was at Yellowstone.  The care you put into each one of us was amazing and I have never been treated with that kind of care before.  You have made my first trip to Yellowstone very memorable and something I would never forget.  I have not one negative thing to say about my trip.  Everything was wonderful and once again you did an amazing job of putting this trip together.  You always asked if anyone needs help with anything and you went to each one of us personally and asked if everything was OK.  This kind of one on one service was something I have never experienced and even though I was by myself I didn't have to worry about being alone.  Thank you for the welcoming smile and keep up the good work that you do!! I hope sometime in the future I would be able to join you in another amazing trip.  Thank you once again for everything and hope to see you soon!


P.S.:  Please keep me informed about all your future trips.


Sonny Hong

Los Angeles, CA



  Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the seminar on Saturday in Phoenix. John and Dixie are top notch photographers and John is a great presenter. He kept what I thought was going to be a long day interesting, informative and captivating. Was very glad I took the time to attend.


Joe Kula

February 24, 2018


   So enjoyed your "How to Shoot Beautiful Images" seminar today in Phoenix. this was just the inspiration that I needed!. After an illness took the stuffings out of me, I was finding it hard to get back into photography. Your energy and ideas are contagious and I thank you for that.

Greg McKelvey

February 24, 2018



  It was a pleasure to travel and photograph with you!  Thank you so much for the role you played in making the Yellowstone Tour such a resounding success.  There was seldom a minute that passed that we couldn't hear your "does anyone need help?" offers to the group.  Indeed, you are the ultimate coach and tour leader.  I would love to see some of your photographs from the tour, if you choose to share them, on the "Gerlach Winter in Yellowstone 2018" Facebook group.


Again, thank you.  This trip was definitely a bucket list journey that now has a big checkmark!


Dan Cogan

February 7, 2018



  Shane and I would like to thank you for a tremendous workshop in Yellowstone. Everything was very organized, safety always came first, the food was outstanding, you were always there to help, and the instructional evenings were awesome. We seriously could not think of anything we would want to change (well maybe a bit more sunshine)! Thank you again for being genuine and honest. This was truly one of our best tours yet and we hope to see you again soon!


Shane and Kathleen Walter

February 10, 2018



   I loved the article on using advanced auto ISO exposure!  Even though I knew my Pentax K3ll has this function (labeled TAv), I did not fully understand when and how to use it!  My camera also has exposure compensation.  I am trying it out today at a bird feeding station I have outside my home and so far with some test shots it works fabulous!! My wife purchased the camera a year ago for my birthday and after using film cameras, digital is so awesome!  It is incredible to view the photo you take immediately and make any composition or exposure changes.

   Thanks John for writing in a manner that is easy to understand and concise.  I have several of your books and love them!

   Thanks for making photography again a wonderful hobby and passion in my retirement years!  

Merry Christmas and wishing you a safe and productive New Year!! 



Boise, Idaho



  OMG this article couldn’t have come at a better time.  I have purchased two new cameras and I’ve been struggling with getting my camera settings the way I want them.  Yes I have read the manual, I need personal attention John.  I wish you didn’t live so far away. 

  Just an FYI for you.  Manuals are NOT for women!

  Merry Christmas and thank you for all that you do to teach us knuckle heads how to use our cameras and shoot!





Hi John,


  I do have the book and have already read it.  I really enjoyed the read and learned lots.  The macro book was quite informative as well.  All of your books are wonderful.  Easy to follow with minimal technical details and great photographs.  Very understandable and explanatory.  I enjoy reading your books more than any others pertaining to photography.

  I’d also like to read your book on photographing wildlife.  But I’ll postpone getting it until after the holidays or later.  Expensive time of year.


Alyn & Kris


 Arizona Highways Weekend Seminar

John, my husband Larry and I thoroughly enjoyed your workshops this weekend at the Phoenix “Focus on Photography” Symposium.  We’ll be getting your e-books on close-up photography and use of flash also. We’re not finished learning from John Gerlach, no way!  Bring on those newsletters and Facebook posts, and we hope to take a more extensive workshop in the future.

Pat Birdsell


 Outdoor Flash Photography book review

I just want to say thanks for your latest book on flash photography. I was a die-heart ambient light photographer for years but after seeing your images with flash I was determined to figure this out. So I purchased the book, (I have others from you too) and read it cover to cover. Then again, and then again with my camera/flash in hand. I am sold now on flash photography. Still working on it but it has made a difference in my images. So much more detail in the photos. I am so thrilled about this that I wanted to tell you about it! :)

October 23, 2017

Jessie Buchholtz

 Upper Michigan Fall Workshop, 2017

Just want to drop you a note and thank you for a wonderful workshop!  I know mother nature cooperated, but I'm sure we all would have learned and laughed just as much if she hadn't.  You are both exceptional teachers and were so giving of your time and experience to everyone in the group. I can't imagine a better or more beautiful fall workshop experience - the U.P. of Michigan has ruined me for fall in any other area of the country.  Thanks again and safe travels to you both!


October 21, 2017

Dave Shores

 Upper Michigan Summer Workshop, 2017

   I really appreciate you and Don. You were so helpful and never made me feel bad for not knowing as much as others in Photography.

   Thank you!!

September 7, 2017

Sue Frei, StirFrei

     I highly recommend Gerlach photography workshops!  I have attended Yellowstone in winter, Michigan summer, Michigan autumn and British Columbia hummers.  Each workshop is unique, yet they all have the same strong foundation which is to get you out in the field armed with the simplest possible way to create strong images.  If you enjoy the science and math behind any technique they are quite capable of discussing it with you and expounding on it, as for me, my head is full and I want simple.  In addition to simple, they help when the class is over.

     I recently had a question about my flash set up a year after I took the hummer class, yet John responded and cleared up my problem with one sentence.  They know their craft inside and out.  I have left each workshop with new photography friends I keep in touch with and meet in different states to shoot with.  This was a bonus I never expected.

     If you want a positive photography experience which will bring your work up to the next level and work with instructors who truly care that you take home the knowledge they are teaching, give Gerlach Nature Photography a try, you'll like it.

July 9, 2017

Peg Runyan

    Hope all is well.  I know the two of you are probably both a long way from Yellowstone now, at opposite ends of the world, but I thought you might enjoy seeing a video I put together of our Yellowstone Winter trip of 2017.
    I know January seems a long time ago, but it took me a while to pull photos out of Bill Shank to have a few of his included.  And yes I know you set up a Flickr account on your website for us to share a few of our photos from the Yellowstone workshop, and a few did, but I went a little further by taking shared photos from our group and created a video.
    Hope you enjoy.  I know we all did!

July 2, 2017
Best to you,
Connie Emerson

Yellowstone Snow Coach Workshop, January, 2017

Hi all,

    This week at the Bull River Ranch was one of the most amazing I ever had. It was really nice to meet all of you and, for once, not be the only "crazy one with a camera jumping everywhere" (as I am usually described). John and Scott, you guys are amazing! Thank you so much for your dedication, patience, enthusiasm, kindness, and so much more!

    I took over 50,000 shots, so it will take a while until I get through all of them. But I already processed around 100 pictures (both Flash and Natural light). 

    Hope to see you all again, maybe back in BC!

June 19, 2017

All the best,


  I want to thank you for showing me the Yellowstone that few people see or experience.

  Thank you for making my bucket list trip a great one. Also thank you for helping me to take some great photos.

Sincerely yours
Clare  (CJ Pictures)

Hi Mr. Gerlach,

     I was at your seminar on Saturday and was enthralled!!!! OMG - yes my knees were quivering!!!!! I can't wait to try out what I learned. I am going to work overtime like a dog so I can do at least one of your tours. (My ultimate bucket list trip would be the safari..... gotta win the lottery but Yellowstone might work for sure).

     So - I need to invest in a good flash. I shoot with a Nikon. I want a radio controlled not line of site. I want one that is good but I don't have to second mortgage my house, well maybe. Do you have a flash or two you could recommend that would be good? I am so ready to try the light painting. Can't wait for your new book as well. And by the way I work with Doctors and absolutely loved your story about the docs with their new flashes coming out the box all on the same channel blinding them. That's docs for ya - great story.

     Thanks - Best photography seminar I have ever attended. Hope to do more with you.




     BEST seminar I ever attended.  Wasn’t just a bunch of pictures from the speaker.  Techniques were explained. (Never got that from a Canon, Follow the Light seminar)  Seeing the before and after pictures was the big point....SEEING a difference, not HEARING about it.  Of course the speaker himself was great to listen to.  Inspired me to learn and understand back focusing, focus stacking, Multi exposures, Histogram shooting.  I even went and ordered a flash last night. Always thought that was just for portraits and didn’t think I needed one. 

     So...the bottom line here is THANK YOU


     Loved the seminar. John is great.  He is so approachable and down to earth—takes some of the scariness out of trying to get the perfect shot. And I love his sense of humor!!  Terrific seminar. I learned a ton!


     I had a good time yesterday and learned a lot.  It is always amazing how much a person can retain when they have to pay attention to a fast paced instructor vs. one who just takes their time.


     Great seminar yesterday. Most useful, jam-packed one day presentation I've attended. John seems to be a bit of a character, but exceptionally capable of conveying his enthusiasm and insights.

     Thank you so very much for bringing John to town.  What a wonderful lecture.  What a wonderful human being.  Don’t you just love a person so enthusiastic and so knowledgeable that he can’t get the information out of his mind and into yours quickly enough?  I am so very happy I had the opportunity to attend.


     I had a great time at the seminar and learned so much and am pushing myself to try new techniques. Today I'll try focus stacking!


Brookfield, Wi Seminar comments


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