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Spring Smoky Mountain Workshops

                          Reserve your spot now!

April 19 - 25, 2020

Email johngerlachphotography@gmail.com

to register.

Autumn Smoky Mountain Workshops

  Two spots available in the first week and one spot available in the second week as of Oct. 6  

October 20 - October 25, 2019

October 27 - November 1, 2019

Email tyson@smokymountainsop.com

to register.

Hummingbirds of British Columbia 2020

 The 2020 photography workshops at the Bull River Guest Ranch in BC are filling fast!  Click on the link to the brochure to get all the details.  This workshop is tremendous for fabulous hummingbird photography with two of the world's best hummingbird photographers.

5/17 - 5/23, 2020

5/24 - 30, 2020

Yellowstone in Winter 2020

  Details are final for the 2019 Winter Yellowstone Snowcoach Tours.  Interest has been strong.  Click on the link to the brochure to get all the details.

1/19 - 1/25, 2020

1/26 - 2/1, 2020

2/2 - 2/8/2020

Email tracie@seeyellowstone.com

to register.

Upper Michigan Summer Field Workshop 2020

 Click on the link to the 2020 Upper Michigan Summer Field brochure to get all the details.

8/16 - 8/22/20

New article just posted!

Advanced Wildlife Exposure Technique

     Unlike most close-up and landscape photography, wildlife often requires photographers to react instantly, or miss the shot altogether.  This article will help you master those skills.

Greetings Everyone!

Latest News!

March 7 – Seminar for WACCO in Milwaukee, WI

March 8 – Macro workshop in Milwaukee, WI


Dixie and I are working on several new photo workshops we plan to add to our schedule in the next year. 


Subscribe to our web page to learn about new programs right away.  Being experts at close-up photography, we are offering in-depth programs covering macro photography, including one-day photo workshops.  We conduct these workshops indoors to eliminate unfavorable weather that would make it difficult to teach important skills.  Focus stacking is an enormously important technique that all close-up photographers must master!  We teach you how to shoot the "stack" and how to process it.

We are conducting a one-day seminar where we present instructional slide programs on March 7, 2020 in Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Area Camera Club Organization.


Then on March 8, we teach our intensive macro class with a limit of 20 students where we provide wonderful subjects to photograph using setups with pleasing backgrounds and excellent lighting.



We will soon announce the dates for our comprehensive macro class at Robert’s Camera in Indianapolis.  We taught this class for Robert’s in 2019, and we are excited to offer this workshop/seminar again n in 2020!


Check out my book on

Outdoor Flash Photography

  John Gerlach has written a new book on the latest techniques about effectively using flash outdoors.  It is available in my Store on the web site.

2 New articles just posted!!

The Ultimate Flash Setup for Hummingbirds

     I have enjoyed photographing hummingbirds since 1998 with multiple Speedlites. In order to simultaneously control three or more Speedlites, I have developed a variety of methods to take magnificent hummingbird images. 

 Back-button Focusing Strategies

      Back-button focusing is a technique that allows the photographer to separate autofocus from the shutter button by assigning that role to one or more buttons on the rear of the camera. It is a way to precisely control autofocus that offers a wealth of benefits! Everyone should learn how and when to use it.

Articles Posted!!

  •   Focus Stacking Increases DOF & Sharpness

  •   Changes to Photo Techniques in 2017

  •   Advanced Wildlife Exposure Technique

  •   Exposure for Wildlife Images 

  •   Ultimate Hummingbird Flash Set-up

  •   Back-Button Focusing Strategies

  •   Aperture Priority

  •   Focus Stacking

  •   Water Drip for Birds

  •   Important Changes to my Photo Strategies

  •   Arizona's Golden Triangle

  •   Better Landscapes with Flash

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