New office location!

Michele retired from being our office manager to take on a far more difficult role as a full-time mother for two active daughters.  Good luck Michele and thanks for your service over the years!!!!
Barbara Gerlach is now the office manager.  Please contact us at:
Gerlach Nature Photography
PO Box 258
Macks Inn, ID  83433
Wow!!    Another busy year!

Our latest book
--Close Up Photography in Nature--
is now available!!!!  This new book explains our advanced use of mixing flash with natural light and focus stacking in detail!  This book is crammed full with inspiring images and cutting-edge information.   If you like close-up photography, get this book right away! 

Close Up Photography in Nature AVAILABLE NOW!!!!


Now On Facebook
Barb works on our Facebook Page Every Day
We started a Facebook page in March of 2014.  It has been enjoyable for us to post a new image each day to share with everyone all over the world.  Each image is accompanied with a detailed photo caption and tip.  Many of the images that appear on the page are shot the same day they are posted.  This is an efficient way to keep you abreast of what we are doing.  We find Facebook is the best way we have to stay in touch with you and to share new information on a daily basis.
Go to our page to view many examples of focus stacking-the most important new photo strategy that has come along during our forty year careers.  We are  addicted to photographing the night sky.  Many images feature the northern lights, the Milky Way, star trails, and even Yellowstone geysers at night.  As many of you know who have attended our programs, we like to use flash or a flashlight in our landscape photography and you will find examples of this on our page.  We hope to see you on Facebook!  If you don't have a free account, open one up so you can view our page.  Be sure to "Like" the page! 

2015 Spring E-Newsletter! 

Jumping Spider

Frost-covered Bison

Jan 7, 2015
John and Barbara have completed their
new Close Up Photography in Nature book. It is available now.  Our fifth instructional photo book will be published in June and we are working on another one, so lots more to come!!!

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Our Books and DVDs

Our 3rd Book!!!

Our Second Book!!!

Our First Book!!

Our 2nd DVD!

Greetings Everyone!
The past twelve months have been enormously busy for us.  In addition to shooting thousands of new digital images around the world, we conducted 23 instructional programs from one-day seminars to a multi-week photo tour in Kenya.  Our four books, Digital Nature Photography: The Art and the Science, Digital Landscape Photography, Digital Wildlife Photography, and Close Up Photography in Nature continue to earn super reviews!  Please buy the books directly from us, so we can autograph them for you!  Our fifth book is at the publisher now and is expected to be available in June.
We are really proud to produce Close Up Photography in Nature because it is crammed full of inspiring and instructional images and explains cutting-edge close-up photo strategies in detail.  We emphasize mixing flash with ambient light, manual metering strategies, sharp-shooting tactics, and the incredible new focus stacking techniques.
Already we are working on a sixth instructional photo book that focuses on outdoor flash photography.  Like our other books, it will be loaded with instructional images and leading-edge information, much of which we discovered as we continue to push the boundaries.  As most of you know, we are adept at mixing flash with ambient light to create spectacular light and now we will be able to explain our advanced techniques in its own book!

Welcome to John and Barbara Gerlach’s home page.
We are professional outdoor photographers who have been widely published around the world over the past forty years. We are known for making gorgeous outdoor images which include wildlife, landscapes, seasons, ghost towns, the night sky, and flora. We use a "shooting work-flow" we and our students have developed over the decades that anyone can easily learn.  For the past several years, our primary focus (pun intended) has been figuring out ways to apply new camera technology to helping us capture the images we seek in the field.  We love to teach these new photo strategies to others through seminars, field workshops, magazine articles in Nature Photographer magazine, and books. 
This is an exciting time in outdoor photography.  Thanks to new equipment capabilities, it is now possible to make images that were not feasible only a few years ago.  Focus stacking, advanced wireless flash, being able to use ISO 3200, multiple exposure in the camera, HDR, and greatly improved lenses have exploded our photo capabilities!  We love applying these new tools to shooting images in the field and look forward to sharing how we use them with you.
The joy and fun of finding a beautiful nature subject and making a stunning image of it is what drives us. We sell these images directly and through more than fourteen stock agencies worldwide.

Wildebeest at Sunrise - Kenya

Coyote in Winter
We have led numerous international photo tours to Antarctica, Falkland Islands, Galapagos Islands, Midway Atoll, Kenya, and to Hudson Bay for Polar Bears.

Our primary passion today is teaching outdoor photography to help others capture stunning images. We love teaching outdoor photography. We have conducted our popular 1-day outdoor photography seminar in more than 150 US and Canadian cities. The week-long field workshops we teach in Michigan, British Columbia, and Yellowstone National Park, along with our photo safari to Kenya and Alaska for Brown Bears, have helped many of our clients become outstanding photographers.  Some of our clients are now professional photographers!  We are thrilled we helped them on their way to success.
We often are keynote speakers at photo conventions.  If your group needs a dynamic presentation covering the leading-edge photo techniques we use, please contact us for availability and pricing.  Call us at 208-244-1887. 
We and our three dogs -- Yogi Bear -- Bugaboo & Mocha -- and three spoiled horses -- Bandit, Toby & Teton -- live in the rugged mountains of Idaho near Yellowstone National Park. Formerly Michigan residents, we moved to Idaho in 1993 because we love lots of snow, mountain scenery, and western wildlife. Pine martens, moose, elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, coyotes, and red fox are all frequent visitors to our Idaho home.
Meet Boo Bear!!!
Boss of Gerlach's Home

More about Boo Bear soon!

Bugaboo -AKA- Boo Bear-at Two Months-Dec 26, 2010

Bugaboo - AKA - Boo Bear - April 2012